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Our Story

In 1995, following deep experience at the Proctor and Gamble Company, Anne Lunt founded Lunt Associates with her husband Mark. Soon after, Lunt landed an opportunity to build the first insights function in the newly deregulated Florida Power & Light, ultimately igniting an even bigger vision for Lunt Associates.  Headquartered in Cincinnati as a woman-owned strategy and insights consultancy, LA began to take its research expertise into large but under-served companies. Today, our focus on unchanging core values while 'treating each client’s business as our own' continues to be a lasting foundation for longevity and growth. As we expand our vision, we also focus on valuing our highly skilled team as our greatest asset.


Lunt has developed a partnership model that allows us to deliver wherever there is a business need - from multi-million dollar learning plans for Fortune 50 companies, to smaller single projects, to multi-country global projects. Our reputation for bringing innovative thinking from our brilliant and engaging team stands as our signature on every project we deliver.

Our Vision

We treat each client's business as our own and our employees as our greatest asset.

Our Values

We live this vision through our Core Values. Look at our values and you begin to get a glimpse into the heart and soul of our company.  At Lunt, it's not just what we do that sets us apart, it's how we do it. How we treat one another, our clients, and our world.  Just watch us bring excellence, creativity, and a splash of joyfulness into your complex business questions. 


Delivering high-quality experiences and results


Efforts to achieve, despite difficulties we may encounter


Providing more than what is needed or normal


A firm adherence to a high level of business and personal ethics


Working to always perform without errors or mistakes


Continuous development and learning


Showing the way by setting the example


Being trusted to do or provide what is needed


Feeling, causing, and showing great happiness to those we encounter


Giving ourselves to our clients and communities


Always looking for new ideas and solutions


Working within our means and only recommending appropriate research

Financial Security

Professional Associations