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A Women Owned Business since 1995, Lunt has partnered with dozens of clients over thousands of projects, leveraging our deep expertise to drive actionable insights.

Our Passion

Meaningful Relationships.

Meaningful Impact.





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Fortune 50 Clients

Our Team
The Visionary


Anne has been known to use the phrase “it’s a good start!” with a smile in her voice. Whether encouraging her client to push towards differentiating concepts or her family to follow her up a mountain path discovered on AllTrails,  Anne sees the potential in everything and everyone, uncovering the deeper underlying stories and making connections that activate growth. Whether throwing themed parties or fulfilling her role as “baby whisperer”, she thrives when her house is full of kids, dogs and dinner guests. 

Strengths: Responsibility, Communication, Developer, Individualization, Strategic

Anne Lunt

President and CEO

The Driver 

Whether out West hiking with her family or up front leading discussions in the boardroom, Nancy sees the path through the fog. Her sense of humor and deep connections to her team make trips on even the bumpiest roads exciting and full of laughter. Nancy  inspires teams toward action, all while wearing a shade of pink bright enough to light the way. She has been known to open her basement as a temporary living space or “adopt” extra relatives to add to the excitement of chasing after her own four kids.

Strengths: Arranger, Responsibility, Communication, Woo, Activator

Nancy Harville


The Curator 

Ali has been helping to uncover the deeper “why” since she first started her career with P&G 20 years ago. She is gifted at building businesses and relationships through a lens of joyful possibility, whether up front facilitating, behind the glass listening or strategically connecting data that leads to action. Seeing the big picture just comes naturally.  In her free time Ali uses her amazing eye for color to brighten lives and spaces and planning road trips for George and the girls that lead to off-the-beaten-path adventure. 


Srengths: Belief, Relator, Positivity, Adaptability, Strategic

Ali Sheffield

Sr. Director

The Provider 

When anyone enters his home Mark has a need to make sure they have something to eat (plus plenty of refills). This desire to generously provide extends to the Lunt team and every client. Mark strategically assesses needs, provides resources and offers unwavering support to empower the team. A calm voice in the middle of any unexpected technology or personnel storm, his quiet one-liners bring our high energy team safely back to shore. “Are you hungry? What can I get you?”

Strengths: Belief, Responsibility, Relator, Connectedness, Analytical

Mark Lunt


REV ml_websize.jpg
The Mathlete 

Across her 20 years in research, Katie has never met a problem that a good excel spreadsheet can’t solve.  With a love for all things analytical, Katie enjoys digging into the data to excavate the underlying story and then build it into a compelling and concise final structure. Katie enjoys long walks on the beach and snuggling up with a good power tool on the weekends.  So don’t be surprised if you hear she is constructing a playhouse or running electricity to a bunkbed  for her three girls.

Strengths: Achiever, Responsibility, Learner, Analytical, Futuristic 

Katie Stender

Sr. Manager

The Connector 

Allegra drives to critical priorities that shape research narratives, sees the glass as half full, and consistently shares that optimism with her team. Always ready to learn and try something new, she has a passion for travel and has even lived in Paris twice.  Ask her about her time as a D1 college athlete and how her “need for speed” continues on the soccer field, in the gym or through her ever-evolving adventures.  

Strengths: Woo, Activator, Communication, Positivity, Empathy

Allegra Ubbes


The Flex 

During her nearly 20 years at Lunt, Carrie has proven she will do whatever it takes to stay agile as she travels the world uncovering insights from surgeons to snacks. Known for her ability to flex to any client need and hit the ground running. Carrie is also out ahead searching for “what’s next” in research.  Halloween is Carrie’s year-round passion, with a 6’ Frankenstein still in her foyer on Memorial Day as she rushes out the door to cheer on her boys at baseball or martial arts.

Strengths: Restorative, Responsibility, Command, Ideation, Input

BRICK 1-24_websize.jpg
Carrie Schmidt


The Anticipator 

Cheryl measures twice, cuts once …  complex projects tremble at her name! She spends much of her time quietly running the world behind the scenes (popping up with her signature dry humor). Her ability to anticipate needs and deliver with excellence is foundational. Cheryl speaks multiple languages including Seinfeld and Paw Patrol, and spends her evenings playing games of strategy and chance such as Candyland and “what food did I just step in?”.

Strengths: Belief, Harmony, Connectedness, Individualization, Positivity

REV df websize.jpg
Cheryl Sydenstricker Lowe

Analyst Director 

The Stickler 

When acute attention to detail is needed, Lunt looks no further than Ali. Ali is a stickler for minutia and processes, so she clears each hurdle and passes the baton to her team members for a seamless finish to all projects.  With a commitment to 6am workouts, you know she will do whatever it takes to succeed, whether relentlessly running airtight projects, family sports schedules, or full on marathons.

Strengths: Discipline, Achiever, Focus, Input, Learner

Ali Young

Research Analyst

The Explorer 

An avid explorer, Jill brings an inquisitive mind and artistic eye to unearth new perspectives. Boldly traveling to parts unknown, she thrives on discovering valuable insights from seemingly disparate data to weave a holistic story. Whether behind the lens of a camera or leading a project, Jill knows the shots to take. She has a flair for looking fashionable for every adventure, whether boating in Florida or snow skiing with her family in Colorado. 

Strengths: Arranger, Self-Assurance, Relator, Learner, Ideation

Jill Gardere


The Story Builder  b

Darlene translates complex data into compelling stories by uncovering insights through deep experience and collaboration. Darlene’s passion for finding just the right visual to elevate clarity has resulted in an icon library that has no rival. After a long day of ”how can I make this better for you?”, she can be found swerving for sunset photos, attending live concerts, or crafting custom family calendars.

Strengths: Discipline, Restorative, Positivity, Input, Strategic

Darlene Oggy

Senior Analyst

The Challenger 

Phillip enjoys conceptual puzzles and is adept at finding solutions, seeing the possibilities in complex situations by challenging assumptions. With an insatiable curiosity as his guide, he jumps at the opportunity to incorporate new discoveries into time-tested wisdom. Just ask him how his young kids show him new spots to throw dinner food in the kitchen that he never knew existed. When not nerding out about brand distinctiveness or ad testing, you can find him getting captivated by a well-crafted commercial, wrestling with his boys, or going for an outdoor run.

Strengths: Restorative, Connectedness, Context, Input, Ideation

REV pl3 websize.jpg
Phillip Lunt

Senior Analyst



"Anne and the Lunt team surpassed my expectations on every dimension with a valued perspective, broad experience, excellent communications, and in building incredibly strong relationships. This has come to be not only my personal experience, but that of countless marketers and research individuals in organizations I have led."


President, Global CPG Company



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